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Any programme of work would be tailored to the needs of the business or group, kicking off with a conversation with a member of the leadership team or programme sponsor to get a clear understanding of the challenges and outcome desired. From there we can agree between us the scope of work and the format that would suit the business and achieve the best results.


Example programmes

Afternoon workshop: "Thriving in the face of change"

This workshop was developed due to the sheer speed of change going on in businesses. It is designed to help people see the mechanics of the mind and the psychological immune system, and so be able to be at their best regardless of the changes to their teams, systems, workload and more.

Other afternoon workshops can be designed around your business and people challenges e.g Innovation and Problem-Solving; Diversity of Thought; Resilience and Well-being.

The afternoon workshops are good for businesses who don't yet want to invest in a full 2 day programme, and allow people to work the morning, see something new in the afternoon and let it settle in overnight. We find that followup sessions (group and/or 1-1) are very beneficial, and can be built in if required.

2-day Resilience 

Using a series of exercises, your team will gain a fresh perspective on themselves, colleagues and clients that will allow them to:

  • Show up and thrive regardless of pressure and external circumstances;

  • See through and drop performance limiting beliefs, limitations and other resistances of the mind;

  • Develop increased levels of motivation, be more inspired, creative and in turn boost morale and performance;

  • Intensify levels of awareness, intuition and a better sense of connection and collaboration, enabling a shift in the quality of communication and engagement.

In addition to the 2 days are individual sessions with each participant: a kick off session in advance of the programme and at least 1 follow-up in the weeks following.


4-day group intensive, with an intractable problem to solve 

This starts with the 2-day programme, gaining fresh perspectives, subtracting limitations, and educating the team around the power and mechanism of insight.

The following 2 days, then guide them to effectively and gracefully use this ability to solve problems and work at new levels of innovation. 

When minds are clear, open and engaged together, there is a powerful quality to the collective knowledge, insight and wisdom of the group, that brings a fresh perspective to unleash creative problem solving and innovation with extraordinary speed.


Young people

Workshops are designed especially for the group:

  • In education

  • In an apprentice programme

  • In a graduate programme

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