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Curious about illusionary walls in our mind

Earlier this week I was at the 3P UK 2016 conference, listening to and connecting with some amazing speakers, psychologists, consultants and coaches around the subject of ‘the human operating system’. I was particularly moved by one talk where the speaker, Dr Dicken Bettinger, likened self-limiting beliefs to illusionary walls, and did a particularly good impression of a mime moving his hands around the invisible walls around him. I have personally felt this wall in the past, right in front of me, seemingly preventing me from making a call, starting a piece of work, or stalling some other action. Clients have reported the same. Illusionary walls can be pretty convincing!

Our personal minds can be tricky like that when we have a lot of fearful, insecure or habitual thinking around a subject. An imaginary wall can be made up of lots of self-talk e.g. I’m stupid, I can’t do this, I might fail etc. It may seem real, it may look like it’s about you, but it seems to me that it’s a case of mistaken identity when you think who you are is what you think and feel.

When you think of it as a wall, you feel it as a wall. As a result, our world appears to shrink from wide-open and infinite to just the known, the understood, the tried and the tested. It becomes limited to the confines of these self-made walls, where we can feel claustrophobic, powerless or disconnected with that and those around us.

When we start to have a sense that the walls are only a temporary construct of our own thinking, we open our mind to what is beyond the restricted space we have created and we fall back into the wide open world of possibility and our innate resourcefulness. The power is within us to deal with life in the present moment and we have everything we need to take the first step. Taking the first step often makes the next step more apparent, so with each step taken, moment by moment, it might not be long before the walls fade away.

If you feel you have lost touch with your inner resources, your innate well-being, or your creative potential, or you would find it helpful to have a discussion about what is going on in your life, you can contact me on 07484-243203 or email me on to setup a convenient time.

Encouraging you to love life now and flourish


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